Bracket Maker Pro App Reviews

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App wont let you add custom number of team 5/8/16/24/64. Unfortunately its an absolute waste of 1.99 for me since every week the number teams entered changes

Great for iOS Tournaments

This app is great for iOS tournaments especially Farkle Dice and Farkle Dice- Halloween Edition and I strongly recommend this app for people who have iOS Farkle Dice tournaments or Farkle Dice matches.

Very good!

Is the best bracket on app store

Love this app

This app is great for sports but also corn hole tournaments and darts. We used it last night for a dart tournament and it came in handy

Best bracket maker on the market

Unlike the other bracket maker apps you get ALL the options for one low up front price. Very fluid. I would recommend this over all others. Cornhole anyone?

Awesome app

Very easy to use. Quick and simple.

Best app ever !!!

You can use this app for ANY type tournament you are playing. Even losers bracket AWESOME!!!!!

Best bracket app on market

Fantastic app to make just about any bracket imaginable. Intuitive and slick user interface allows for quick and easy bracket creation and revisions. Works great on iPad as well as iPhone.


I think its a great app but I could ask for more. There should be more choices of how many people can be in it because it is not always that number so I hope they do that I would have given it 5 stars If it would have more choices. It would have make it a great app. But other that that its pretty good

Fifa Tournament

Great app! Quick and easy this app helped me create a 32 team soccer tournament with the teams from Fifa 13. Worth the buck, get it!

Awesome App

This app is great! I used it to put in the March Madness games of 2013.


This app is amazing and SO useful, I use it 24/7 for all kinds of things. Definitely worth 99 cents.

Bracket maker

Bracket maker pro is a MUST have for your next tournament. Setting up a tournament takes no time at all! I highly recommend this app.


This is a great app to set up your next tournament, however, it would be even more awesome if they would implement the ability to set up a series style tournament. Then you could have this for all your sporting needs.

Add this to make it worth 6 stars...

Double elimination on 32 and 64 team tourneys... Also a tab button to quickly insert the names... So u dont have to click next blank...

Amazing & Excellent

The best bracket maker in the market! This are the best 99¢ I have ever spent. The new features are great and best of all, it doesnt crash! The only thing I want for next version is to add series (2 out of 3, 3 out of 5, etc.) But overall, this is one of the best app Ive ever purchased. Totally reccomended!

Limited to an even amount of teams

I would have thought that u can have an odd # of teams & still create a tourney. U r limited to 4,8,16,32 or 64 teams

Great bracket app

Great for creating your own bracket for your own tournaments. Very easy to use. Single and double elimination.

I love this app

Best one


This is one of the best bracket apps ever. I love that you can put team logos on it

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